How much does the cheapest car insurance cost?

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In addition to the foregoing suggestion, consider this: Cheapest, in the sense of lowest cost, is not always the best, and may even end up being more expensive. One of the main things that you should consider in buying insurance is the quality of the claims service-that is, responsiveness, objective fairness in settling a claim and similar issues. It is not worth a bargain-basement premium if you cannot call upon the insurer when needed and get the claim handled promptly.
Cheapest Auto Insurance The least expensive insurance is liability, but the cost depends on your credit score, claims history, driving record, where you live, the company you insure with, etc. Keep in mind, price is not everything. The cheapest may be the most expensive if you really need it.

The above being said, the cheapest auto insurance I've ever sold was for $19 per month, liability only, on a sedan and the insured was home addressed in a rural area

Tips to lower your car insurance cost - Ask for a higher deductable
- Buy homeowners insurance from the same company
- Ask for discounts! For example, if you don't use your car often you could qualify for low mileage discounts.
- Shop around
- Check if your state has a Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program
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