How much does it cost to build above a garage?

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quite much depending on your circumstance, you will clearly have to elaborate greatly! Thanks!
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What is the square foot cost to build a garage?

Depending on the type,style, single garage door or double and getting what you want are many of the variables involved. The area you live in also affects sq. ft. cost. As a co

How much to build a garage with and apartment on top?

Good question! These answers will depend on your location. Theseanswers are regarding southern Alberta-Canada. 1. Garage builders: 22'x24' standard garage with electrical and

How much does it cost to build a garage?

That would depend on how large or small the garage is going to be. It would also depend on the quality of material used. It could range from a thousand to multiple thousands o

How much does replacing a garage door cost?

Anywhere from around $500 up to over $5000 for very high-end doors. You can get garage doors as low as $300 but generally not worth it. You can sometimes find cheaper prices

Cost to build garage?

Well it depends on how big you want it to be. Normal garage size would be about $8-10 grand.

How much does it cost to build a two car garage?

Specifics matter. Is it a tin stick-up building, is it a woodstructure, is it prefabricated, are you going to use a concretepad, asphalt pad, bare earth or road base for the f

How much does a garage door window cost?

If the garage door window is plastic then the cost should be around 25-50 depending on the size. If the window is made of glass then you will spend around 100 dollars dependin
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How much does it cost for a prefab garage kits?

It truly depends on the style, quality and size of the garage you are trying to assemble. For a standard 20 x 20 garage you are looking at at lease $16k and up depending on th
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How much do metal garage buildings cost?

Metal garage buildings vary in cost depending on size and the type of metal used. Prices range from $200 for a small galvanised steel building from Home Depot to over $7,000 f