How much does a years supply of baby clothes cost?

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It depends on where you shop for the baby. And also how fast the baby grows.
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How much do baby clothes cost?

Baby clothes are cheap! I have a 6 month old and i baught all his clothes for 10$ or less and i just got a whole lot of polo Ralph laurens for 11.95 at nordsrtom rack

How much does baby clothes cost?

Baby clothes can range in cost from almost nothing to veryexpensive, like all clothing. However, baby clothing does tend tobe a little bit cheaper than its adult counterparts.

How much does a year supply of Propecia cost?

Well sir, I am from the U.S., and at least here, 30 pills of Propecia (a month supply if you take it as directed) costs about $85.00. So for the year (again if you take 1/day

How much does it cost for a year supply of baby bottles?

I seem to remember one bottle lasting about six months. As long as you changed the nipples. Taking that into account- 12 Months / 6 Months = 2. That's 2 bottles a year.