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Professional massages cost about $60 for one hour and upwards. It depends on where you live, what type of massage you'd like, and what environment you choose; a spa, gym, doctor's office, your own home, etc.
You generally pay more at a spa due to the overhead, and a lower rate at a Dr. or Chiropractic office, where the rent is shared and massage is an adjunct to other health care. It can be as little as $30/hour and as much as $150/hour, and even higher.
The best value may be to go to an massage therapist who is in private practice. Therapists in private practice base their rates on the cost of living in their area. Another option is to see if there is a massage therapy school near you. They usually offer student massages in their student therapist clinics which are supervised by an instructor. These can sometimes be as good, and sometimes better, than a professional massage for about half the price.
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