How much does a power steering belt cost?

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The cost of a power steering belt will vary depending on a few factors. These factors are the make, model, and year of the vehicle.
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How much does it cost to have a power steering pump put in?

Answer . depends on the vehicle.....if its a domestic car the pump is not usually over $100 and usually a lot less ... on an Asian car they can run quite high...and depend

Can you have power steering fitted to a car that has no power steering and if so how much approx does it cost?

Answer . yes it is possible. what you need to remember is that any component needed has to be purchased brand new as you will have no exchange units to return.. the majo

How much does it cost to have power steering replaced?

Answer . impossible to answer! First u have to know if the pump is no good, or is it a hose, second it all depends on the car, suv, minivan etc. Then you call auto part st

How much cost to replace power steering pump?

The average cost of a new power steering pump is about 100 USD. However, depending on the vehicle and where you purchase it, they range from about $50-$150. If you bring it to

How much will it cost to fix the power steering noise?

This can range from zero to $80. The most common power steering noise is due to the belt slipping when turning. If the blet has not been slipping very much, it simply requires

How much does replacing a power steering pump cost?

best to check gumtree or ebay.a recondision one could be roughly 60-80 quid, a new one u may be looking well over a 100 not go to garage with no pump,charge you fortu