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How much does a browning gun safe model RD6324 weigh?

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800 lbs.
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Is the Lorcin model L380 a safe gun?

I'm going to say no to that one.There is a site and pictures where a lorcin380, a new one, blew up in a guys hand. They were using 85 grain ammo too!

How much is a browning model number 102977 shot gun worth?

Need more information to identify your gun, such as guage and model. It looks like a serial number you have posted which could be a Browning Auto5.. Value is too difficult to

How much does airsoft gun weigh?

That depends entirely on the gun. I'd stick with the lighter guns if you're playing though so you can move around easier and more quickly. . However if you want a more realis

How much does a gun weigh?

Depends on the gun. I have one that weighs less than one pound, and one that weighs 23 pounds. There is no one weight.