How much does LASIK eye surgery cost?

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Expect to pay between $2,000 and $2,500 per eye for LASIK by a reputable surgeon.

You may have seen add for the LASIK as low as $299 per eye. Don't trust them. There are a number of unscrupulous LASIK provider who use 'bait and switch' tactics by advertise prices for packages that are designed to exclude almost all cases. In fact, this is issue had gotten so bad several years ago that it warranted a congressional investigation.

LASIK surgery varies in cost, and when it comes to your eyes, we would recommend considering multiple levels of pricing options. Research your surgeon options carefully and ask as many questions as it takes for you to feel comfortable with your choice. On average, a reputable LASIK procedure will cost approximately $2,000 per eye.
A few points to remember about LASIK pricing:
  • LASIK is typically quoted on a per-eye basis; each eye will typically need it's own degree of treatment.
  • Wavefront Surgery is more expensive, but also more accurate.
  • Beware of any promotions that claim LASIK for under $1,000 per eye; one day we may truly be there, but accuracy is obviously important to you - so pay for it! Also, ask probing questions to uncover any hidden costs.
  • Check with your insurance company to see if any of the procedure can be covered. Some insurance companies will contribute to it, however be mindful of your deductible before filing a claim.
  • Learn about the LASIK center; are the surgeon on-staff? If not, you will likely pay more since the surgeon is contracted.
  • Many - but not all - of the LASIK facilities in America offer a financing option. Check with your LASIK facility to understand their policy toward financing. If you need to get financing, look at financial companies that provide short pay-back periods (3 to 4 months ideally). The average payment will range $170 - $400 per month depending upon the amount you finance. Remember, you should be putting some money down if you are electing to go this route, similar to buying a car. Beware of financial institutions that offer 0% down payments, as their interest rates (23.99% or higher) will likely keep you in debt well past what the surgery costs were.

You should also check with your employer to determine if a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is available. With some "thinking ahead" planning on your part, you can begin saving money tax-free to dedicate toward this procedure. NOTE: Not all plans offer LASIK as an option for FSA, so check with your HR administrator for details.
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How much does LASIK eye surgery cost?

Expect to pay between $2,000 and $2,500 per eye for LASIK by a reputable surgeon. You may have seen add for the LASIK as low as $299 per eye. Don't trust them. There are a

How much does LASIK eye surgery cost in the US?

Average LASIK costs are: . $2,150 for all laser-based vision correction procedures (including LASIK) in which a single price is quoted. . $1,580 for non-customized LASIK us

What is lasik eye surgery?

It is laser eye procedure which is useful to correct visionproblems.

Can you get lasik eye surgery if your pregnant?

I don't think there is a contra-indication to the actual surgery but before the surgery you need to take a Valium or similar calming tablet to relax, the nursing staff actuall

How much lasik surgery cost in India?

Rs 7,000/- per eye. Also there are various eye hospitals availableon DoctorC who offers lasik treatment at affordable cost.

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Lasik surgery is often considered cosmetic surgery and typically costs between 1500 dollars to 2000 dollars per eye, however it can be cheaper at some teaching colleges.

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What is the average cost of Lasik eye surgery?

The average cost for Lasik eye surgery can vary depending upon use of new technology and/or refractive error with about 44% of surgeons charging multiple prices based upon the