How much brain power did albert Einstein use?

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Albert einstein was an amazingly intelligent man. Normal human beings use about 10% of there brain "Power" but Albert on the other hand used a lot more than the average human being. It has been scientifically studied and scientist say that Albert used about 20% of his brain "Power". But there is someone who used even more than Albert Einstein.
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Where is Albert Einstein brain now?

Apparently it is in preserved in Princeton Hospital. For more of the story see: it shutdown

How much percent of brain did albert Einstein use?

100% hes smarter than me at science and all that. But im better at texting or anything. He wouldnt even know how to use an xbox. Does that mean i used mor brain percentage? No

Who preserved Albert Einsteins brain?

no one it is just a myth Answer: Einstein's brain was removed, weighed and preserved by Thomas Stoltz Harvey. The brain was divided into 240 1 cm 3 chunks.

How much percent did Einstein used of his brain?

We have no measurable evidence that Einstein used any more or less of his brain than anyone else - although what he did with his brain is certainly impressive. It is an oft