How much CO2 ppm do human lungs exhale on average?

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It depends on a number of factors such as age, heart rate and depth of breathing. However, on average a human being exhales around 40,000 PPM of CO2.
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How much CO2 is exhaled by the average human each year?

It would depend on the person's size and how active they are. Find the CO2 rates for an hour during sleep and being awake, multiply them by whatever you need and you'll figure out an annual estimate.. However, a rough estimate (curtesy of "The Earth Blog") assuming 12 breaths per minute (resting breath rate) is 500kg The number is easy to estimate: breaths per minute x CO2 per breath x minutes per year From Wiki - the breath rate is 12 to 25 per minute. Size of breath is 500 mL. Percent CO2 exhaled is 4% so CO2 per breath is approx 0.04g ( 2g/L x .04 x .5l). CO2 Per year= 12 x 0.04 x 525600 (minutes per year) = 252kg/yr CO2 (25 breaths) = 525 Kg/yr. So - pick a number between 252 Kg/yr and 525Kg/yr 1000 lbs/year is a good figure of merit.

How much oxygen does the human body exhale?

Normal air contains approximately 20% O2 and 0.5% CO2. When ahuman inhales, we absorb and use some of the oxygen we breathe in.Our metabolism converts that Oxygen to Carbon Dioxide, which weexhale, or outgas. However, the process isn't perfect: we don't useall the oxygen we inhale, nor to we exhale all the carbon dioxidein our system. So, when we exhale, the exhaled breath containseither 14% or 16% oxygen, down from the 20% the air contains. Thisis, by the way, why CPR and rescue breathing work. While yourexhalent does not contain the full 20% O2 we see in free air, itcontains enough oxygen for a person to survive on. . The actual quantity depends on the size of the person.

How much does a human lung weigh?

An adult human lung weighs about 1.1 kilograms on the average. The left lung will weigh about 1.05 kg and the right lung weighs about 1.15 kg. The right lung has one more section than the left lung making it slightly larger and heavier.

How much CO2 does the average American emit?

The average American contributes to about 20 tons, or 40,000 pounds of CO2 per year. Source: "Report 5: How Do We Contribute to Global Warming?" Hinkle Charitable Foundation: Advocating for Environmental and Musical Education . Web. 22 Oct. 2009. .

Do humans exhale more than CO2?

Yes - moisture, nitrogen, alcohol vapour and any other volatile compound that happens to be in the blood or in the air that is breathed in.

Average size of human lung?

the size of a footbal. if you were to unfold all of the air sacs inside of it (300) it could cover a football field.

How much carbon dioxide does a human exhale?

It depends on age, gender and activity but on average a human exhales 1 KG per day? If you are thinking of global warming, then the carbon dioxide exhaled by humans (and animals) does not contribute to global warming. The carbon we exhale was taken from the world very recently, so breathing is part of the carbon cycle. Alot.

What is ppm for CO2 emissions?

Ppm stands for parts per million. It is a way of showing the amount of one substance in another, like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, especially when the percentage number is small. For example, in July 2011, the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere was 392.39 ppm (or 0.039239%).