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There are many different types of lawyers. While there is not a definitive number, different sources will cite 14 to 17 different types of lawyers.
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What types of lawyers are there?

Overall, Civil lawyers and Criminal lawyers. There are quite a few subgroups, Wrongful Death Lawyer, Traffic Lawyer, Tax Lawyer, Software Lawyer, Social Security Lawyer, Sec

How many different types of lawyers are there?

Under the legal system in the US, a lawyer is a lawyer and canlegally serve as an attorney. Specialization occurs after lawschool and can include tax, estate, family law, inte

What are the types of lawyer?

  Areas of Law   / / Adoptions / Automobile Accidents / Bankruptcy / Breach of Contract / Business Law / Business Litigation / Child Custody / Child Support / Civil L

What type of education do you need to be a lawyer?

You begin your journey to becoming a lawyer by enrolling in university....any major if fine. There are no formal pre-law courses. By your second year in university you are per

What types of lawyers are there and what do they do?

  There are three branches of law: criminal, civil and administrative. Most lawyers specialize in one of these branches of the law and then further specialize in a speci

What type of math does lawyer use?

Lawyers are not required to be mathematicians, but they do have cases that require pretty basic mathematics. Cases involving http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Do_lawyers_use_math_in_t

What type of college do you go to be a lawyer?

There are many excellent universities that have law schools. But first, you will need to get your Bachelor's degree, which many people get in such subjects as Political Scienc

What type of college does lawyers go to?

Most Lawyers Go To A 4 year Regular College for courses on Speaking, English Government, public policy ect... Then Go To a Specialized Law School For 3 years . they will also