How many tv and radio stations are in Honduras?

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The number of television stations and viewers in Honduras has grown rapidly in recent years. Just a
decade ago there were less than 10 television channels in Honduras, but today there are close to 50, and
more keep appearing.
According to CONATEL (the National Telecommunications Commission) there are
a total of 237 television broadcasters in the 18 departaments of Honduras, with the department of Puerto
Cortés, in the north, leading with 43 broadcasters.
In Honduras there are open-signal broadcasters at the national, regional, and local levels, and there are
also more than 300 cable stations, most of which cover only a single municipality. Many of these cable
companies are going a step beyond merely offering cable service to creating their own local channels.


According to CONATEL in February of 2004 Honduras had 255 AM radio stations, 432 FM stations, and 8
short-wave stations. Of these, about 67 have news programs and about 50 are religious (either Catholic or
Radio reaches nearly every area of Honduras; even in remote, unelectrified areas, most
families have a battery-powered radio.
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