How many stars observable to the naked eye are in the universe?

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In general terms, with people of normal vision, there are in total around 8,000 stars observable with the naked eye. This breaks down to 4,000 in the north, and 4,000 in the south, non-overlapping. But in the north, for example, half the stars in your year-round sky are obscured by the sun; so roughly 2,000 stars are visible, on average, in the nighttime sky on any night. And this assumes very good viewing conditions. This may not sound like a very high number, but we have become used to hearing astronomical things described with correspondingly huge numbers. Try coming up with a method of estimating the number of stars you actually see; you probably won't be too far off from 2,000 if you do it carefully. We are talking about stars in the Milky Way; a small number of galaxies and clusters can be seen as 'stars' with the naked eye, but no stars outside of the Milky Way are observable..
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How many stars are visible to the naked eye?

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How many stars are visible with naked eye?

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