How many sq feet in a room 50x50?

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The answer depends on the units used for 50*50. It should be obvious to anybody that the area of a 50 ft * 50 ft room will be quite different to that of a 50 hectometre * 50 hectometre room, for example.
50ft x 50ft = 2,500 square feet
If the given dimensions are in feet then there are 50 times 50 = 2,500 square feet
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How many sq feet in room that is 13x15?

13ft*15ft = 195 square ft. 13 times 15 = 195 as any calculator will tell you (or you can do it in your head - 10 times 15 = 150, 3 times 15 =45 add together = 195)

How many sq feet in a 50' by 12' room?

To find the area of a rectangular room, take one side's measurement and multiply it by the other's sides measurement.. In this case, the square feet would equal:. 50' x 12'

How many sq feet in 40 x 12 room?

480 on the floor, another 480 on the ceiling. Also, many more of them on the walls, but in order to calculate those, we need to know the height of the room.

How many sq feet in 3'7 by 6 room?

3'7" x 6' room. Convert to fraction (or decimal, not shown) -- remember each foot has 12 in (3 ft+7/12 ft) x 6 ft Distribute the 6 ft: 3*6 ft + 7*6/12 ft Add and s