How many spoken languages in the world do not have a written form?

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Most languages spoken in the world do not have an original written form. This idea of writing dates back to Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, China and India. When we look at the new world, the most advanced civilizations had written language, the Aztec, Inca, Maya, and many people believe the Iriquoir and Omlec had it as well.

Originally, everthing except the Europeans, Arabs, Indians, Chinese and Japonese, and the few civilizations in the Americas had no written words. Later, African tribes like the Mali, and Zulu developed them, By the time of colonialization, around 1490, the words of Europe were being exported. African and American, and Australian tribes which had no written language adopted entire languages (as in the Americas) or at least entire writing systems (as in Australia) Today approximately 6000 languages are spoken, and more then 2/3 of them did not have an original written language (who is to say whether one would have developed) but today over 80% of all languages use some sort of written communication.
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