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How many species lice did bob Marley does when his dread locks were cut off?

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none, but he had lice before he cut them off.
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Do dread locks give you lice?

Absolutely not. Being around other people who already have lice gives you lice. People with dreadlocks are no more likely to get lice than anyone else would. And if infestatio

How many childeren did Bob Marley have?

  Rita Marley was the only woman Bob married on February 10, 1966. He had five children with her: Sharon Pendergast Marley (adopted), Cedella Marley, Ziggy Marley, Stephen

How many dreads did Bob Marley Have?

impossible to say. natural dreads (like rastas have) change in number often. new dreads form from scalp fuzz, while older dreads may combine or "congo"   the number he sta