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How many playthroughs are there in borderlands?

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Playthrough 2 is a feature in Borderlands that allows players who have completed the game's story-line to start the game over again with the same character on a more advanced mode. It is unlocked once The Destroyer is defeated on Playthrough 1 and can be accessed immediately by loading the character's game. The character retains all items and levels gained in Playthrough 1 and will face off against similarly higher level enemies in an otherwise identical story. The enemy levels range from level 32 at the start, to level 50 by the end, downloadable content enemies will similarly undergo level increases as well. Items will be encountered in higher level versions to match the enemies and general difficulty of Playthrough 2. Mission rewards will also scale.
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How do you do playthroughs in Borderlands?

When you beat the game, if you quit and load your game again you will have the option to load playthrough 2. You will keep your equipment and money, but the story restarts wit

Can you get to zombie island on playthrough 1 in borderlands?

Yes you can, you need to have played the game far enough to power up the Fast Travel system, and of course, you need DLC pack 1 purchased and installed. If all's done correctl

How many playthroughs are there on border lands?

There are only two play-throughs. After hitting level 50 the game re-adjusts the level, difficulty and drops of all enemies for the last time.
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Why does your borderlands playthrough 2.5 not start?

'Playthrough 2.5' is not a new game mode, it is how the game is referred to once you complete your second playthrough. It changes the game so that the enemy levels are scaled