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How many pints are in a liter?

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1 liter = 2.11337642 US pints 1 litre = 1.75975326 Imperial pints

1 pint (US) = 0.47 litres.
1 pint (UK) = 0.57 litres.
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How many milli liters in a pint?

473 mL per liquid pint.   -----------------------------------------------------   Bear in mind that the British pint has 568,26125 mL.   Both are non-SI units main

How many pints in 8 liters?

16.907 US pints.

How many is 10 pint in liters?

10 US fluid pints is about 4.731 liters.

How many pints are in 33 liters?

33 liters = 39.7 liquid pints or 59.9 dry pints.

How many pints are in 8.5 liters?

There are approximately 18 (17.9636994) US pints  in 8.5 liters.