How many people have died on k2?

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There have been no reported deaths from physical health problems while consuming K2 (synthetic marijuana), however there has been an incident in which a teen suffered a panic attack and committed suicide. This is the only reported death at this time related to K2 consumption. I have been given info on a Middletown In Mother of 2 whose death authorties have link to k2 use. A 19 yr old called Dominique Darrell Tate of Dallas also lost his life in Aug 2010 while under k2's influence.
K2 or JWH-018 was never meant to be smoked it's inventor likens smoking it to Russian Roulette.
By the way No one has any idea of what is in the incense sold with the compounds sprayed with JWH0-18 or JWH-073 the most common of the 450 varitions of this garbage. (JWH stands for DR John William Huffman the inventor of JWH-018)
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How many people have died climbing k2?

According to the CIA World Factbook, as of July, 2005, there were approximately 6,446,131,400 people on the planet, and the death rate was approximately 8.78 deaths per 1,000

Who has died climbing K2?

definatly NOT Bear grylles. man vs wild is sick. he'd climb that thing in a second with his eyes closed and dragging an elk caracus to keep warm along the way.

Do people live on mount K2?

No one lives on K2 all year round due to the harsh weatherconditions. Climbers live in camps while climbing the mountain butthese are taken down after the climb.