How many people go to the hospital in north America per year?

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How many people go to Fenway park per year?

The Boston Red Sox attendance figures since 2000:. 2007 - 2,970,755 2006 - 2,930,588 2005 - 2,847,888 2004 - 2,837,294 2003 - 2,724,165 2002 - 2,650,862 2001 - 2,

How many people get killed by a tornado in America per year?

It varies from year to year. Looking at data for the past 30 years the average annual death toll for tornadoes in the U.S. is 74. The highest death toll in this period was 553
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How many people go to rehab per year?

To tell you the truth, no one truly knows. there are so many rehab places in the world its scientifically impossible to no how many people go! Another reason is that Many fa