How many people died in 2010?

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well, 2010 has only just started, so there would be quite a few, butit's very hard to tell.
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How many people have died in 2010?

According to a widget on, approximately 41,317,000 (forty-one million three hundred and seventeen thousand) people have died so far in 2010, with 2 more people

How many people died in Iceland volcano 2010?

no one died :) No one dies in the actual eruption, but there was a death rise with respiratory diseases, and lots of livestock dies in the flooding :) xx

How many people have dies from anthrax in 2010?

13 deaths from infected heroin in the past year. Heroin was being contaminated with anthrax. Anthrax-related heroin deaths are extremely rare, and in the past were unheard of