How many parallel universes are in the universe?

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3, or perhaps more. It depends on the theory to which you ascribe. For example, recent research done at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) led to the creation of ekpyrotic theory. According to ekpyrotic theory, our universe and its creation stems from the collision of two "branes" that could theoretically and literally represent parallel universes. According to Julian Barbour, an infinite number of parallel universes exist, since every time a decision is made on either the microscopic or macroscopic level, a bifurcation is created leading to the birth of a new "universe". Long answer short, minimally 2 parallel universes, maximally infinit.
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What is the theory behind parallel universes?

The theory is John Wheeler and Hugh Everett's Many World Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, which is a minority interpretation of quantum theory. It was introduced as one

Are there parallel universes?

A sufficiently backed answer to this question is currently impossible; though the existence of parallel universes is possible. This really depends on what you believe to be re

What is a parallel universe?

a parallel universe is where there is a different universe that is completely opposite; so if you make a decision that person in the parallel universe will do the opposite. Ev

Is parallel universe a material reality?

It is a theoritical possiblility in some realms of physics, like superstring theory, and with some mathematical models. But, honestly, it is also theorically possible to prove

How do you get to the parallel universe?

We don't know (and may never know) for certain that there are parallel universes, let alone how to "get to" them. Some theories postulate that you can get to a parallel univ

How do you get into a parallel universe?

First you have to prove a parallel universe exists. It is theorised that they exist, but it is not proven. If they do exist, it is doubtful we could ever go there. We are desi

What do parallel universes look like?

lines that never end and are straight and have 2 arrows at the end Parallel is 2 lines that can go on forever and never intersect Ex: _________________ _________________

What is the theory of Einstein about Parallel Universes?

That somewhere in the universe somehow there is us but different as we may be robots or be wizards that the world is not as it seems. That our normal is what they wish to unde

How do parallel universes work?

There was never a big bang until around 10,000 years after the world began this created parallel universes but the laws of gravity are different because of illusions. every 10
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Do Parallel Universes really exsit?

Ah, a question which science cannot answer yet. In theory's such as quantum mechanic's string theory they do, but string theory is exactly that... A theory. In many ways, it m

Is a parallel universe possible?

Quite possibly. You know, there's a theory based on The Grandfather Paradox that there is a parallel universe for every single thing that could have happened to you, say your

Do you believe in parallel universe Why or why not?

i believe in parallel because well, i believe in String theory and even some of the smartest mind in the world such as Michio Kaku also believe in parallel universe. It is the

How can you get into a parallel universe?

You can get into a parallel universe through wormholes which are located in the middle of blackholes. However it would take a space shuttle as BIG AS JUPITER to get near the b