How many ounces are in a metric ton?

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There are 35,274.6 ounces in a metric tonne.
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How many ounces in one metric ton?

Does troy ounces relate to metric ton?. As I understand it, 16 ozs. = 1 lb & 2,000 lbs. = 1 ton.. For example, if a gold mining company says its reserves are .7 ozs per ton & they say they have 10 million ozs, exactly what does this mean?

How many metric tons are in a kilo ton?

Kiloton means, literally, a thousand tons. It's not immediately clear whether the "ton" meant is metric (generally written tonne for clarity) or not. A "metric ton" is quite close to the English "long ton" and about 10% more than the English "short ton". Again, "ton" by itself could mean either of those.

How many tons are in 4 metric tons?

The ton depends where you are: . In the UK, the ton is the long ton = 2,240 lb → 4 tonnes ≈ 3.94tons . In the US, the ton is the short ton = 2,000 lb → 4 tonnes ≈4.41 tons