How many multi-platinum albums does Chris Brown have?

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How many albums does Chris Brown have?

Chris Brown currently has 9 albums. he has 2 albumsthey r called 'chris brown' n 'exclusive'his new album cumin out nxt yr iz called graffiti

How many albums did Chris Brown make?

chris brown(THE HOT GUY OMG SOOOO HOT I LOVE HIM IM HIS BIGGEST FAN LOL)released 2 albums the first one was self titled and the second one was exculise!!

How many albums has Chris Brown made?

Chris Brown has made 3 albums and will be coming out with his 4 album on March 22, 2011. 1. Chris Brown 2. Exclusive 3. Graffiti 4. F.A.M.E

How many albums have Chris Brown released?

he has released 4 studio albums so far chris brown, exlcusive, graffitti & fame and another is to come out September 2011 called fortune but chris brown has also had 5 mix-tap