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How many megapixels are in the HTC evo?

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8 megapixels
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Is the HTC evo a good phone?

It depends. If you like android then yes. If you like iPhone then no. I like iPhone but it is your choice. Evo and iphone are about the same.

Is the HTC evo better then the HTC hd2?

yes the HTC evo is better than the Htc hd2. the Evo has 8mp, two cameras front/back, a stand built in it, and it is with sprint so it is 4g and has 6pages. The Hd2 has 4mp and

Does the HTC EVO have video chat?

Yes just open the Quik application and set up an account and find other friends with 4G phones with a front facing camara to chat with

What can you transfer from your HTC hero to the HTC evo?

Anything that you can add to your SD card. Pictures, contacts, apps, videos, etc. Add all of that to your Hero's SD card, and then use that SD card in your Evo and everything