How many marines were there when they were first created?

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Two Companies
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How many Marines are there?

There are atleast 200,000 currently active Marines. 30,000+ are stationed in the Middle East and 40,000 Marines are reserved. Upon that, this answer may in fact vary as troops

Why were the Marines created?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tun Tavern. Captain Samuel Nicholas was the first commandant. Marine Corps' official birthdate is November 10, 1775. They were created to protect N

How many Marines are in the US Marines?

About 200,000 US Marines. They have the French Foreign Legion outnumbered 25 to one. Prior to the global war on terror the US Marines had an active duty strength of approximat

How many Marines are there in a Marine Expeditionary Force?

Sizes vary with the structure and the structure varies depending on the needs of the mission. A Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) is the largest Building Block currently used i

How many marines are in a marine infantry regiment?

Typically there are three Battalions in a Regiment. A Marine Corps Grunt Battalion has on average around 750 Marines (may vary if the U.S. is in a time of war or not). So a Re
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How many marines in a marine unit?

That can depends on what size of a unit you are talking about. A squad usually runs about 10 people. A platoon will have 3 to 5 squads. A company has two platoons. And a b