How many kids did Constantine have?

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Who was Constantine?

Constantine I Constantine is best known for being the first Christian Roman Emperor. In 313, Constantine announced toleration of Christianity in the Edict of Milan, which rem

How many accomplishments did Constantine have?

1 main accomplishment Constantine I the Great was born at 272 AD/ CE Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus son of Constantius Chloros and Helen [Saint Helen]. He died at 337

What did Constantine do?

Constantine was in the Byzantine time and he brought the knowledge ogf the church, Jesus dying on the cross and all the saints who are depicted on icons. Christianity spread t

Constantine what did he do?

He was the first Roman emperor to become a Christian in addition he had a very famous battle before the battle started he looked up in the sky and seen a cross he thought it w

Did Constantine have kids?

Yes, Constantine had 6 children. The girls wee Constantina and Helena. The boys were Crispus, Constantine II, Constantius II and Constans.

Who Constantine was and what he do?

Constantine was a Roman Emperor in the 4th century and he is most noted for being a pro-Christian emperor. He also lied alot. He gained power by winning the Battle of the Milv

What did Constantine do and when?

He was the last "good" emperor and created a new capitol named after himself "Constantinople" By any chance do you go to slhs? because that was one of my questions for H.W.
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How many knew Constantin before today?

John Constantine is a fictional character, who appears in comic books by DC Comics. The character first appeared in June of 1985, and is a working-class magician.

How many arches are in the arch of Constantine?

The Arch of Constantine has three archawys. The central one is 11.5 m high and 6.5 m wide (37 3/4 x 21 ft.) the lateral ones are 7.4 m by 3.4 m (24 x 11ft.). the whole structu