How many gallons are in a tank that measures 3 feet x 1 foot x 16 inches?

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3ft x 1ft x 16in = 113.27 liters = 29.92 US gallons
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How many gallons of water are in a pool 16 x 32 feet that is 8.5 feet in the deep end and 3 feet in the shalow end?

Many pool chemical products require that you know the amount ofwater your pool holds so that you correctly use their product. Ifound a quick formula for my oval pool on the ba

If your tank is 48 x 11 x 16 how many gallons is it?

1 cu ft = 7.48 gallons (US / IMP?). so: 4' x 11/1 2' x 1.1/3' =(4.88cu ft) x 7.48 = 36.5 gallons ( assuming units are inches ). please check it yourself using the relevent

How many gallons in a tank 16 x 15 x 48?

16 x 15 x 48 what? Inches? Centimeters? If the dimensions are in inches: 16 inches X 15 inches x 48 inches = 11,520 cubic inches of water. One gallon of water equals 231 cu

How many square feet is a 16' X 8 foot 6 inch room?

If the floor is a rectangle, then the floor is (16 x 8.5) = 136 square feet, and the ceiling is also 136 square feet. In order to find the area of the walls, we also need to