How many faces does an octagon have?

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1. It is a 2-D object.
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An octagon is a two-dimensional figure. It has no faces but does have 8 sides.
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How many faces an octagonal pyramid have?

An octagonal pyramid has 8 faces. * * * * * No. An octagonal pyramid has 9 faces - one octagonal base and 8 triangular faces meeting at an apex above the base.

How many faces does an octagonal prism have?

An octagonal prism has 10 faces. The octagonal prism can beseen to have ended shaped like octagons. That's an 8-sided a 3-dimensional form, and if it has octagons

How many faces has an octagonal pyramid?

An octagonal pyramid has nine faces. It also has nine vertices and16 edges. You can find the volume of this pyramid by using theformula that the base 'B' multiplied by the hei

How many faces has a octagon got?

An octagon doesn't have any faces: faces only apply to 3-dimensional objects. If you meant edges, or sides, an octagon has eight. If you meant an octagonal prism, they hav