How many bonanza episodes are there?

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There are 430 episodes of Bonanza .
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Which episode did they sing in bonanza?

Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, and Dan Blocker sang the words to the theme song in the pilot. It was so dreadful that the producers went with the instrumental version that has

What are the top ten Bonanza episodes?

1. Showdown, original air date 9-10-1960, Season 2, Episode 1. 2. Denver Mckee 10-15-1960, S-2, E-1. 3. Silent Thunder 12-10-1960. 4. The Spitfire 1-14-1961, S-2, E17. 5. The

What episode was Michael to be married on Bonanza?

That was episode #416, called Forever, original air date September 12, 1972 . Written and directed by Michael Landon but he originally wrote the script for the character Hoss.

What was the episode where Adam left bonanza?

There was no specific episode where he left. It was left up in the air, leaving open the opportunity for actor Pernell Roberts to return if he wanted. Roberts left after the s

How many episodes in the first season of bonanza?

Bonanza was a drama/western series that aired for a total of 14 years (1959 - 1973).. The first season was 32 episodes long, which seems very long compared to the usual 22 ep