How many mph does a bullet travel?

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It depends on several factors. Bullet can travel as slow as a few hundred feet per second up to several thousand feet per second. 1000 feet per second is about 682 MPH.
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A cough travels how many mph?

Coughing is an action the body takes to get rid of substances irritating the air passages , and a cough is usually started to clear a buildup of phlegm (mucus) in the trach

How fast does a bullet travel in mph?

761 mph (miles per hour) (The muzzle velocity of a bullet varies widely depending on the caliber, type of bullet, type of cartridge, the powder charge, and the gun barrel. Muz

At 55 mph how many feet will you travel?

80.67 feet every second.

How many mph does a 303 rifle bullet go?

I'm assuming you're talking about the .303 Savage (there's also a .303 British). It varies by a number of factors, with one of the foremost being barrel length. Generally spea

How fast does the fastest bullet travel in mph?

Possibly the .14-222, at 4,465 feet per second. It is a .222 necked-down to a .14 caliber and was created in 1985 by Helmut W. Sakschek.