How many 1973 Plymouth satellite sebrings were made with 4 speed transmissions?

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104. I own a silver one with a 400 magnum and am looking for others to buy. If you have one contact Kris at Dont junk it, part it out or clone it. Contact me. if its not for sale contact me as i would like to document these cars.
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What is a 4 speed granny transmission?

it is a powerfull first gear for either a hill,pulling a friend out or simply auling a heavy load, the other gears are just simple gears just with a slight tourque increase. t

How many 1973 firebird formula 455 ho 4 speeds were built?

Unless I am sadly mistaken, Pontiac built zero. The 455HO (round port heads) were never made again after the 1972 model year. In 1973 and 1974 the Hi-Po 455 was the Super Duty