How long does car insurance last?

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As long as you pay the premiums!!
Normally, a policy is issued for either 6 months or 12 months. Options for paying monthly are at time available for an additional charge.
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How long does the 250000 FDIC insurance last?

May 26th, 2009. FDIC Insurance Limit of $250,000 Extended Until 2013 . Even as the FDIC oversaw the closures of two more banks last Friday (the 35th and 36th for this year

If you buy a new car how long do you have to get it insured with your insurance company?

If you have a loan againest the car you need to contact your insurance company with information about the car before you can drive off the lot. If your insurance company is cl

How long does your insurance coverage last after you are fired?

Depends on how long you can afford to pay for it. You have the right under a federal law called COBRA to continue your health coverage for up to 18 months after termination

How long does a life insurance last?

It depends on nature of the product. Term insurance for example, lasts a stated period of years. You can select a product with the desired duration. There are also options pe

How long is your car insured for?

In one sense, it is covered for as long as the insurance company elects to keep you as an insured. That said, there are regulations in all states concerning the circumstances

How long do you have to insure your new car?

If you paid cash and bought it outright, without financing, you don't have to have ANY collision or comprehensive insurance on it if you don't wish. If the car was financed yo

How long does travelers insurance last?

Traveler's insurance only lasts for the specific dates and amount of time originally requested. The exception is if one have a multi trip annual policy that allows for unlimit

How long does Gerber Life Insurance last?

As long as the child decided to keep the life insurance once they reach 18, the coverage lasts their whole life. The Grow Up plan provides customers to keep the insurance as l

How long do you have to get auto insurance for a new car?

This is an issue that you need to make certain of before you drive off the lot. Different policies are all different and you need to make certain with your agent as to whethe