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There is a very low percentage of teens that have a long time relationship. It's usually around 6 months to a year at best and the odd couple may last up to 3 - 4 years, but it's rare. Youth is fickle and it's simply a time to expand one's independence and a learning process. Generally males especially enjoy their freedom and find it difficult to settle down with one girlfriend or commit to a relationship.
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How long does a man last sexually?

Answer . There are men still fathering children at 65. There are undoubtedly men older than that. If you are healthy and stay active sexually, the sexual prowness goes on.

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It depends on the two participants. If the boy is eager, he is sure to ejaculate fast and lose grip . Also when the girl is exitingly sensational for the boy, then also even b

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The official averidge is between 7 and 13 minutes.. Answer: There is no set length of time that sex "usually" lasts or is supposed to last. The duration of sexual intercours

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The average menstrual cycles lasts 28 days - but different womenmay experience different menstrual cycle lengths, and cycles canchange throughout a woman's life.

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Well it just all depends on the woman honestly..give it your all show her whats up and im sure she will go as long as uu want

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Okay.. I totaly know where you're coming from with constipation. Since I was 3, up until 2 years ago, I had to take stool softeners EVERY DAY just to let my bowels move.( And
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