How long do you have to report an accident to your insurance company and what happens if you dont report it?

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Most policies state that you agree to report the claim as soon as possible after the incident. A general rule of thumb is 30 days. As far as what will happen if you don't report it depends on the circumstances. Most policies state you agree to report all accidents. However, if it's damage to your own vehicle in a single car accident and you have no collision coverage and you and no passengers were injured, there really is no claim to make under the policy because there is no coverage to pay for the damages. If you do call your insurance company to report it, they will simply mark the file 'report purposes only' and it will never be an open claim. If later on you add collision coverage to your vehicle and then try to claim that old damage under the newly added collision coverage, it would be considered fraudulent. If you want to make a claim for an accident that you previously had not reported, it's best to call and make the claim and let the adjuster determine if the claim is still valid under the state laws and if they will honor the policy contract even though you didn't report it in a timely manner. There is a statute of limitations in which you have a certain time frame in which you can file a claim for damages or bodily injury. The time frame varies by state.
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Do you have to report all car accidents to your insurance company?

Yes, auto insurance policy states that you are required to reportall accidents (losses) immediately. There are a few reasons forthis. The carrier wants to quickly see your veh

If you were involved in a car accident and a police report was filled out do you have to report it to insurance company?

No. That happens all the time. People often make a police report just in case they decide to make a claim. Later, they never contact their insurance company due to it not bein

How long do you have to report an accident to your insurance company and what happens if you don't report it if no other vehicle is involved?

my son bimmed a lady in a theater parking lot she took his phone number but never called it has been approximately 2 months and she called and asked him his information today

Are you required to report a non-injury accident to your insurance company?

Answer . yes, as far as i know all insurance contracts contain a version of the following:, ''you must PROMPTLY report all accidents' a good idea for your o

How exactly do car insurance companies use accident reports?

They use them as another version of the event. If they investigatethe claim properly they will talk to the driver of each vehicle andany witnesses. Then they will look at what

How long after an accident if not reported to the police do you have to claim through the insurance?

Answer . \nIn Massachusetts you do not have a limit to let them know. but state law says that you should report an accident within 3 to 7 business days. depending on the a

How long do you have to report an automobile accident to the insurance company?

Answer . \nDepends on whether it is YOUR carrier or the carrier of another at-fault driver.\nAuto policies state, in some form, under Collision and Comprehensive (sometime

If you had an accident with no other cars involved and filed a claim to insurance with no police report do you have to report this accident to the new company if you get different insurance?

Answer . If you don't the new insurance company can cancel your coverage and possibly not cover any of YOUR losses. They might also consider it to be fraud.. Any accident

Do you report an accident to your own insurance company if you were not at fault?

Answer . your insurance contract will have wording similar to the following, you must promptly report ALL is a good idea to report, just in case a problem

How long do you have after a car accident to report and file a claim with the at fault person's insurance company in Georgia?

One would think that they would get this done within a couple days at the most, if only to make certain that the claim would be processed. Call the insured's company and ask t

How long do you have to report an accident to your insurance in Ontario?

When you are involved in an accident involving injury or property damage, you need to report it to your agent, broker, or insurance company within seven days, regardless of

How long do you have to report an accident to your insurance company and what happens if you dont report it and will it affect your insurance rates?

All Insuring contracts require that you report any loss to the Insurance Company Promptly. This is generally interpreted to be as soon as practical.. Failure to report an acc