How long do basil seeds take to grow?

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2 days to germinate 25 days for a seedling
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Do basil seeds grow in cotton?

Yes it can,just water some cotton,let it drip out,put a cottonabout 2-3 cm inside a plastic see trough cup,put the basil seeds ontop,don't cover it,put 1-2 seeds and cover it

How long do cress seeds take to grow?

It takes a week and you should be able to see a visible change in the seeds after a day or 2(the seeds should have started to split) and after a week you could probably eat yo

How long does it take to grow a pomegranate seed?

The pomegranate can be raised from seed but may not come true. Cuttings root easily and plants from them bear fruit after about 3 years. Twelve to 20 inches long cuttings shou

How long does it take to grow broccoli from a seed?

Broccoli generally requires 55 to 65 days, and a couple of steps, from seed to harvest of heads. However, it must be said that timing a harvest, of anything, depends on a lot