How long can you hold your pee?

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I've heard that holding it for 24 hours is when you might have to start worrying about infection, but even before that if your bladder is extremely full there is also a danger of rupturing your bladder (if in a car accident for example). Also remember the lady in California who died in the radio contest last year I think it was (hold your wee for a wii) - although I think her death was caused basically by an overdose of water (coupled with not peeing any of it out). I'm sure you don't have to worry about holding it for 3 or even 8 hours while sleeping!
I held my pee for about three days at a competition with my mates (I'm a boy). On the third day I really had to go and it was class and my other mate that was still holding on peed in his pants (this is true) and then I was just sat their all the time in class clutching onto my **** and everyone asked me what was wrong and I said nothing. Then I had to get home quickly because my brother was hurt or something (I was 15, he was 11 and Mum and Dad we're out). But on the way back it was coming out so I just let go onto a tree! It felt so good! But three days is my record!
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How long can you hold pee?

There is no definite answer to this as each persons biological makeup is unique. Some can hold it longer than others - much longer than others. Age, gender, and health also ma

How do you hold in your pee?

One way is to rotate your hips while kneeling. But the most common way is to not think of anything to do with pee, water, or anything that might make you wanna go. But mak

How long can you hold in your pee?

If you really need to pee like if it's an Emergency.. Only hold It for 20 to 30 minutes cause if you hold your pee in too long.. Your bladder will explode than you will have

How long is it possible to hold your pee in for?

Your bladder is made to hold a certain amount of fluid. Time only matters if your bladder is already full of urine, and you still have fluids digesting. So, ask this instead:

How long can your puppy hold his pee?

Usually they can hold it one hour past their month age number- for example: a puppy who is three months old can usually hold it for four hours, a five-month-old for six hours,

How do you hold on to your pee?

if your asking how to keep it in then... this may sound wierd but tighten you butt cheeks.. it holds in the pee when it try's to come out =]

Why is it dangerous to hold your pee in for too long?

It can cause a number of problems, such as bladder infections and urinary tract infections, as the body completes a number of processes to maintain the state of the urine (ie.