How is the insurance industry regulated?

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The insurance industry has some federal regulations, but the federal govenment cedes most control to the state insurance commissions, each state has one and they regulate a companies and agents in that state and all companies and agents who do business in that state. These commissions are who you would report it to if you suspected a company of illegal actions.
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Why regulate It industry?

To regulate the market structure and get rid of unfair competition to regulate the prices to prevent piracy to provide security yo the players=

What type of regulation or law for fraud cases in insurance industries?

Depends on country to country.. In India we have IRDA to look upon the interest of customers. Different Acts which are made earlier like Insurance Act 1938, and IRDA revised

How are car insurance groups regulated?

Car insurance groups are often regulated through an association and will have to adhere to certain state or federal laws so it is best to check for local groups to find out ho

Who regulates insurance carriers?

Each individual state's department of insurance led by the corresponding insurance commissioner regulates the insurance carriers domiciled in that state. The NAIC (National As