How is speed and velocity different?

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Velocity has a direction.
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How are speed and velocity different?

A speed is a measurement like "20 meters/second" or "72 kilometers/hour", without a specification of a direction. When direction is important (e.g., "20 meters/second to the n

Velocity differs from speed in that velocity indicates?

Velocity is a vector quantity, which means that a body's speed and direction are both required to define it.. They are different because: Speed is the rate of change of dist

How are speed velocity and acceleration different?

Velocity is a vector, meaning that it has a direction. When it is being expressed, the direction is given with it (e.g. 5m/s NW). Speed is a scalar, not a vector, so it doe

How speed and velocity differ?

Speed is the rate of covering distance. 60 mph north, south, or west are all exactly the same speed. Velocity is speed and its direction. 60 mph north, south, and east ar

How is velocity different than speed?

Speed is a scalar quantity and only refers to how fast an object is moving. Velocity is a vector quantity and also takes into account direction.

What is the difference from speed and velocity?

Velocity has a DIRECTION as well as a MAGNITUDE (that is, velocity is a VECTOR quantity if you've learnt that term yet) The magnitude of velocity is called SPEED (just a POSIT
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How velocity different from speed?

Velocity is acceleration and direction put together. The velocity of something changes if either acceleration or direction changes. Speed is just the average MPH measure. Ve
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How does an object's speed differ from its velocity?

Speed is a scalar magnitude (it only tells you how much). Velocityis composed of the object's speed and the direction in which it'smoving. This corresponds to the definition o