How is overtime calculated on a bi monthly pay payroll?

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Usually hourly at time and a half. Can be banked, too.
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How do you calculate overtime pay?

Overtime pay.. . Most overtime hours are payed 1& 1/2 times your original hourly pay. SO if your payed $10.00 an hour you will be payed $15.00 for every overtime hour. $12.

How do you calculate overtime pay on excel?

Example: Enter in cell: A1 - Rate of pay A2 - Hours worked A3 - =(A2-8) A4 - =(A1*8)+(A1*1.5*A3) I double time is involed use A1*2 in Cell A4 This formula can be shortened

What is the most common payroll dates for semi-monthly pay periods?

The most common pay dates are the 15th and End of Month. The next most common is the 1st and 15th. While the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month seems to be the next most common.

How many bi monthly pay periods in 2009? twice a month so 12x2.....that is of course assuming that you mean bi-monthly and not the every two weeks style pay period. In that case it would be 52/2 or 2

How do you calculate overtime pay base daily rates?

This is a common misconception and is overly simplified. A trueovertime rate should be time and 1/2 on the "Base Rate" of pay orthe factor of 1.5 against the unburdened rate.

How is overtime rate and overtime pay calculated?

Overtime rate is 1.5. Overtime pay is standard pay (per hour) x number of overtime hours x 1.5. Overtime pay rate is then the standard pay (hourly wage) x 1.5. Example