How is look of model altered in fashion photography?

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The main changes include photoshopping. A fashion model's blemishes are airbrushed out, flyaway strands of hair are removed and the model's complexion and other bare areas of skin are usually smoothed out in order to appear ethereal and perfect. The actual changes made vary from model to model and on the outcome desired by the client/photographer.
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What is Fashion Photography?

fashion photography is when you photograph new and upcoming fashins for magazines and local news. magazines are the most popular kind. store ads too.

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What equipment is needed for fashion photography?

A 35mm or medium format DSLR with lenses from 28mm to 200mm for studio work and up to 400mm for location. Strobe lighting and light modifiers i.e. softboxes, reflectors, hone
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Do Fashion Models get scored on there looks?

No, Fashion models get scored on their talent, and rareness. Like, instead of a blonde with green eyes, a brunette with blue eyes. Not because one is prettier but because one