How is a word a scrabble word when the word has no definition?

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because it is the name of a game and a name is not a word
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Is there a Scrabble word with in?

Some Scrabble words beginning with "in": . Inbreed . Indian . Indigo . Indri . Ingoing . Inhibit . Injury . Intent . Intern . Inter . Inti . Intrigue

Scrabble words with i?

I, if, in, it, ice, ill, ire, inch, into, iron, igloo, image, inner, irony, itchy, ivory, imagine.

What scrabble words have the word flip in them?

A complete list of SOWPODS2-eligible words of 15 letters or fewer containing the letters flip in order are: backflip, backflipped, backflipping, backflips, flip, flipbook, f

Can you use the word Se in Scrabble?

no you cannot use foreign words or proper nouns in scrabble unless at the beginning everyone agrees that you can use foreign words and names. But the names can only be of some

What are scrabble words with the word role in them?

lore orle 4-letter words role 5-letter words prole, roles 6-letter words parole, proleg, proles 7-letter words caroled, caroler, paroled, parolee, pa

How many words can you get out of the word scrabble?

Some words from the word "scrabble" are: . a . able . ace . acre . ale . arc . are . as . babe . babel . bale . bar . barb . bare . base . be . bear . blab

What scrabble words have the word loan in them?

4-letter words loan 5-letter words loans 6-letter words loaned, loaner, reloan 7-letter words loaners, loaning, reloans 8-letter words loanable, loa

What Scrabble words have the word ore in them?

3-letter words ore 4-letter words bore, core, dore, fore, gore, lore, more, ores, pore, sore, tore, wore, yore 5-letter words adore, afore, bored, borer, bores,

What Scrabble words have the word FRET in it?

These are the possible words: Befretted Fretboard Fretfully Frettiest Fretworks Coffrets Fretless Fretsaws Fretsome Fretters Frettier Fretting Fretw

What are scrabble words with the word physical in them?

9-letter words physicals 10-letter words physically 11-letter words biophysical, geophysical, nonphysical, physicalism, physicalist, physicality 12-letter wor

What scrabble words have the word foe in them?

archfoe archfoes asafoetida asafoetidas assafoetida assafoetidas foe foedarie foedaries foederati foederatus foehn foehns foeman foemen foen foes foetal foetation foetations f