How is Child Support Calculated?

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Child support is calculated on the amount the spouse's income is and what the cost of living is at the time.
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Fl child support calculation?

As of 2011 they changed the formula. I do not remember exactly how it works but you can find it here

How is child support calculated in NJ?

In New Jersey, provisions for the support, care and education of a child may be ordered to be paid by a parent. The factors the courts consider are: . the needs of the child

How is child support calculated if the custodial parent earns more than the noncustodial parent?

Depends on whether it's the mother or father earning more and related issues to access. Marcia Clark, the OJ Simpson prosecutor earned nearly 5X more than Gordon and and they

How is child support calculated you Illinois?

Much the same as any other State: generally, a percentage of net income (gross minus deductions for taxes and health insurance) which increases with the number of children (20

How is child support calculated is one parent has no income?

well when the parent responsible for the child support has "no income" he should notify the child support court of his situation, they may modify the monthly payment assuming

How is MD child support calculated?

MD child support is calculated according to basic cost of living (COL) and the preset tables configured by the department of child and family services. Since the cost of livin

How can you find a child support calculator?

This will differ, depending on what province, state, or country you are in. As a general rule, one will need to find a calculator for one's specific area, or at the very leas