How important is sex?

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Sex has always been important to the human race and for animals as well. It is a very special process where we as humans experience a feeling that makes us happy joyfull and excited. Some men say that oral sex is good because it stimulates them quicker and it makes them explore their partners bodies as well. Sex is so important to humans , if they dont get it they sometimes masturbate or pay for sex. Sex is and has been always important ! Remember that Humans cannot live without Food and Sex , and the product that will always be in demand is Food and sex. Enjoy it But use a condom to protect yourself if you have sveral partners !
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How important is sex in a relationship?

it really depends on the type of relationship and how far you are in your relationship. In the begging and much much later it may not be has important has it is in the peak of

Why is sex important in a relationship?

Sexual relations in a relationship are needed to reproduce to save the human population and make your child an amazing humanitarian. Also, women tend to bond during intercours

Why is sex education important in schools?

It is important because when ever you grow up your going to have to know all about having babies and things like how the sperm cell ( in the man) meets with the egg cell (in t

How important is sex 4 girls?

Depending on the girl...It can be important.....I mean itsimportant manly for the guy to be sexually interested in her butnot upset when she says no...because she will

How important is breasts in sex?

They are totally unimportant. Breasts as an erotic object is a fairly recent invention originating in north-western Europe. The fact that non-mammal animals haven't gone extin

What is sex is it important?

Answer . I suggest asking a parent, aunt or uncle, older sybling, or teacher what sex is. Whoever you are most comfortable with. If you are a girl, though, I suggest asking

How important is sex to an individual?

Depends on the person. For some people relationships are ALL about sex, and if sex doesnt exist the relationship doesnt either. On the other hand, there are people who have ye

Why is sex education important?

Comprehensive sexual education helps prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Comprehensive sex education includes discussing the limiting o

Why is sex important for health?

Sex is very important in a number of ways, but also has the potential to be very damaging emotionally and physically -- the correct moderation and discipline in sexual practic

Why is sexing important?

Well sex is a initiating point for a new-life. Without sex everybodies life cycle is incomplete. On the other sex is most importantfor having long life health. There are many

Is the sex education is important?

Yes. All should know what gets women pregnant, and what the risks with sexually transmitted diseases are. Even those who plan not to have sex until they're married will benefi