How has science changed human life?

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everything that you are now using or that is improved is invented
your vaccines are made by science your computer you are now using to type is made by
science if it were not for science we would still be people living in caves needing to hunt for their one food even having to make our own hunting weapons
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How do computers change human life?

Many ways: 1. Perform calculations that would take a human hours, days, years. 2. Foster better communication with email and the web. 3. Handling mundane tasks - watch the tem

How the computer change human life?

The computer changed human life in many ways. With the computer we can get news a lot faster. We can get directions, get information to others, create our own websites, and so

How has technology changed human life?

Technology has made human life more comfortable and safer in termsof health. Some conditions that were previously hard to heal orcure are now curable because of medical techno

How science affects human life?

Science has helped make human lives easier by inventing manyproducts that cut down time, offer entertainment, and are helpful.It also has lengthen our lives through medical ad

Give the importance of science in human life?

Science is what gives us scientific answers to our daily life, or Lives. It helps us deal with many things that need Scientific explanation, upon a regular and upon a dependab

How does science say that human life began?

Answer . Science believes that all life started in a chemical reaction in the ocean, which produced the earliest form of life, most likely some type of bacteria. That bacter

How has science improved human life?

To start with, medicine such as antibiotics and the development of pasteurization have greatly increased both infant mortality and lifespans in general. By learning more about

Impact of Science and technology on human life?

The impact of Science and Technology on human life is huge. Everything around us is a product of scientific advancements. We can now live much longer than before and have been
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How will science change your life in the future?

Science has improved crops, cured disease and extended life spans. We expect science will continue further strides in these areas, so that life spans may eventually double or