How fast can a Vizsla run?

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VERY FAST! Some people say that the Vizsla is the only breed to ever beat a Greyhound dog in a race. I have heard of a breeder who has clocked their dog at 40 mph. Not sure if that is 100% true though.
I have never seen a dog faster than a Vizsla, but they are probably slower than a greyhound or whippet. They carry very little fat on their bodies and are very muscular, but their heads aren't as tiny as greyhounds and their bones are a little thicker, which probably makes them slower but stronger all around. Salukis and other sight hounds are also lean, fast dogs, but I don't think they're faster than a vizsla. Some non-purebreds (mutts) can also be very fast.
Vizslas are much faster than most breeds you will see around town, if you are looking for a fast dog, friendly that isn't as weird as a racing dog and has short hair, this is the one for you. But, they don't sit still for long.
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Vizslas are definitely one of the faster breeds. Their lean bodies, deep chests and long legs are a few of reasons why they are able to run fast over long distances. 40 mph is not a stretch for this breed, as I have seen a Vizsla clocked with a radar gun at a local dog festival at 32 mph. This was on a short run with little motivation. Have you ever seen one take off after a jack-rabbit? Comparatively, a Border Collie and a Jack Russell Terrier were clocked at 26 mph and 24 mph, respectively. Coursing-hounds such as Whippets, Greyhounds and Salukis are undoubtedly faster, otherwise, there would be Vizslas racing at the dog track, right?
These dogs NEED plenty of exercise, daily. A one-mile walk doesn't put a dent in a healthy Vizsla's energy reserves. This can be frustrating for both dog and owner. A nice long hike or a bike-ride are nice alternatives, and some frisbee or ball chasing are good supplements (invest in a Chuck-It).
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