How far is it from portland Maine to anchorage Alaska?

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4421 miles
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How far from Bangor Maine to Anchorage Alaska?

The driving distance between Bangor, ME and Anchorage, AK is approximately 4830 miles. The driving time would be approximately 96 hours if you were to travel non-stop in good

How far is Anchorage Alaska from Lynden Washington?

the distance between Anchorage AK to Lynden WA in: Road Miles: 2169 Miles. (Alaska Highway YT 1E) Kilo Meters: 3491 KMs. (Alaska Highway YT 1E) Alternate Route Road Miles
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How far is it from Anchorage Alaska to tundra Alaska?

"Tundra" is an enviormental feature. There is tundra in both western and northern Alaska. I believe there may even be tundra in Anchorage. To find large amounts of tundra you