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How does toilet cistern work?

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When you pull the handle a washer is lifted and the water goes down into the toilet and at the same time the cistern fills up once the washer is back in place from the flushing mechanism
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How much water does a toilet cistern hold?

          a toilet cistern holds 3216 Most modern toilets will hold about 20 litres, but they are being made smaller all the time due to better flushing d

How does a cistern work?

A cistern is usually an underground structure, but can be above ground which simply catches run-off water or rain water and keeps it until it is needed.

How does a auto flush work on a urinal cistern?

  Its a simple vertical outlet pipe inside the cistern covered partly by a 'bell' which has an inch or so gap at the base. As the water level rises eventually the vacuum i

What causes toilet cistern to whistle after flushing?

      This is more than likely due to the pin either rattling in the inlet as the water passes through, or the washer could have a hole in it which almost acts lik

Why do you have worms in your toilet cistern?

They are most likely larvae for a small fly. If you have gnats buzzing around dry it out and they will die off in short order.

How to change the water volume being flushed on a cistern toilet?

The Cistern is controlled by using a floating valve, as the water level rises the float pushes against a plastic insert that turns off the water flow.If you can the insert is
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How much is the toilet cistern cost can it be DIY?

Toilet cistern can cost a lot since it is the most used water in the house. But there is some ways to reducing the amount of water your toilet is flushing. First fill a half g
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Where can one buy a cheap toilet cistern?

Toilet cisterns can be bought at any hardware such as Home Depot and Lowes. Alternatively you can order them online through a variety of vendors. To find the cheapest one it i