How does sunlight affect rubber?

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Does sunlight affect the growth of plants?

Yes. Sunlight is a necessity for plants to perform photosynthesis which is how they make food (glucose). This glucose is needed for the plant so survive and more is needed to

What is the affect of no sunlight on the skin?

The body needs the sun so it can produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium for your bones. So without sun on the skin children are at risk of rickets and

How does sunlight affect on a plants growth?

Sun light affect plants. A plant uses energy from the sun along with carbon dioxide and water to create oxygen carbohydrate and water. This process is called photosynthesis an

How does the sunlight affect a plant when it is covered?

it does not, and plants need the sun to grow, because they go through a process of photosynthasis and sun is required.. so is co2 which is carbon dioxide, which we exhail from

How does sunlight affect the forest ecosystem?

Sunlight allows forest life, such as plants, bushes and trees to grow. if they dont receive the certain amount of sunlight, they could potentially die out. same goes for the w