How does space give us oxygen?

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The oxygen we use everyday in a breathable form is not normally found in space beyond our own atmosphere. The plant ecosystem here converts carbon dioxide to oxygen. NASA must transport large containers of air for the astronauts to breath on space missions. Over last few years NASA and other space agencies have started using oxygen generators, some of which convert water to oxygen. These devices are very expensive and not very efficient, but are improving over time.
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How do trees give us oxygen?

A tree absorbs carbon dioxide through its leaves, extracts thecarbon to contribute to its growth, and releases the oxygen throughits leaves. A tree also absorbs water through

How do plants give us oxygen?

Using the chemical process called photosynthesis, plants take incarbon dioxide and break it down into carbon for use in makingchemicals the plants use, and oxygen which they r

Does the sun give us oxygen?

Yes. The sun makes plants have photosynthesis and grow, then those plants give off oxegyn while taking in carbon dioxide.

How or where does a tree get oxygen to give us?

A tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, and, with the input of energy from sunlight, oxidizes many of the oxygen atoms of the absorbed carbon dioxide to elemental oxygen,

What plants give us oxygen?

All of them, basically. The carbon dioxide you breathe goes into plants. Then, through a process called photosynthesis, the plants "breathe" out oxygen. It's believed that two
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Does oxygen give us energy?

Yes, but not directly. Your mitochondria must "burn" hydrogen and oxygen to form water ANDtransfer that energy to ADP in order to form ATP, That energy youcan use.