How does language help people express themselves and shape their daily lives?

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Thoughts can be ideas, mental images, sounds, or feeling original (created by your imagination), memories, or any combination of these.
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How do people express themselves through writing?

Expression through Written Word Write from the heart always! Even if it is non-fiction, a writer must put him/herself in the shoes of the character(s) portrayed and put down

How do people express themselves?

Through dance, songs, painting, writing, and any other form of self-expression you deem fit. For instance some people consider gardens to be an excellent form of self expressi

How does having time zones help people live their daily lives?

The purpose of having time zones is to maximize daylight duringbusiness hours. If there was only one time zone, some areas wouldhave sunlight at 4am but darkness at 3pm. This

Why is it important for people to express themselves?

It is important because it will let people know who you are and get people to like you It also helps one more readily define and acknowledge to themselves who they are and wha

How does having time zone help people live their daily lives?

a long time ago towns would set there own time so you could be in one town and it would be 12:00 then travel gust a little bit and it would be 1:00 even though it only took yo

How can homeless people help themselves?

There are volunteer shelters and soup kitchens in most major cities dedicated to helping those less fortunate. However, they can only get help if they want it. Most homeless p
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Why do people express themselves through dance?

I'm a dancer myself, and I'll try my best to explain. As Brandon Harrell once said, "Dancers can dance their life story better than they will ever be able to tell it." Wheneve

How does dance let people express themselves?

Dance is one form of art, and people can express themselves in any form of art. By dancing you express how you experience the music you're listening to, and how you react to i